You have your questions about the services of neomart, how you stand to benefit if you register with us. We have the answers to your questions. We have attempted to answer some common question. Do feel free to ask us if you have any other queries. You can +91-93193 92255 or e-mail us at support@thephantomcodes.com and we promise to get back to you. Here we go.

What is the neomart merchant application?

  • The merchant application helps you list your products and services so that your customers can find you and order.

What is the purpose behind the neomart Merchant Application?

  • You will be able to expand your business in terms of physical presence and customer base if you become a part of neomart.

What all can you do with neomart?

  • Ensure a digital presence for your business.
  • Manage and monitor your business, sales, employees, consumers, and market your store to the public.
  • You can receive orders, manage and fulfil them.
  • You can even chat or call your customers.
  • You can showcase the offers you have for your customers. Even if they are seasonal. We offer you the facility to keep on editing your offer list.
  • You can chat with and call your customers…..repeated.
  • Manage your inventory.
  • List the MRP and SRP.
  • Offer your buyers customized offers.
  • Keep a track of order deliveries to your customers.
  • List your own brand products.

How do I register on neomart?

  • The Home Page of neomart, the online store creator, features the ‘Register’ button.
  • Click ‘Register’
  • Enter your mobile number. You will soon receive an OTP.
  • Verification is complete when you enter the OTP.
  • Set your password. Ensure it is a strong password.
  • Enter the details asked for.
  • Voila, you are registered on neomart.

What is the difference between Free Version and Paid Version?

If I am on free Version and I want to take Paid version, what do I have to do.?

Is the Registration free?

  • Yes, it is.

Can you proceed without registering?

  • No, you cannot. Registration is mandatory to use the app.

Is it possible to register from laptops?

  • No. You can register only from mobile phones.

Can there be multiple registrations from the same mobile number?

  • No. We do not allow more than one registration from the same number.

What do we mean by ‘Creating your Store’?

  • What it simply means is registering your business on neomart and adding your product / service inventory. You can then manage your business from neomart.

How many products can be listed?

  • All and as many products that a merchant wishes to.

How can merchants selling grains, beverages, dry fruits etc, showcase their products?

  • neomart lists all such products under separate categories. Merchants just need to choose the right one.

How can a Store be created on neomart?

  • Merchants can create stores by
  • Clicking on ‘Create Store’.
  • Clicking on ‘ Product’.
  • Choosing the product category from the ones given.
  • Entering the Store details like products & services offered, legal details etc.
  • Choosing the suitable time of delivery, time of operation, locality, the area that can be covered for home delivery etc.
  • The Store is successfully created thus.

Do the merchants need to submit documents with neomart for registering the store?

  • Yes, you need to submit documents.

How much time do we take to approve a store?

  • If all your documents are complete it is done immediately

If a merchant has a Grocery store and also offers Plumbing service, can both be mentioned in the details?

  • Right now, no. We are working on allowing more services to be added.

Is neomart responsible for the quality, delivery and completion of the order?

  • The merchants are responsible for all things related to their stores and products.

Is it possible for merchants to change their store address?

  • Yes, they can do so. Anytime.

How can the merchants list their products?

  • After registering they need to add the products on “Add Products from system inventory’. They just need to choose the right category and product.

Can merchants list their own brands?

  • Yes, they can.

Can merchants introduce new categories?

  • They can. Under ‘My Store’, they need to access ‘My Category’. They can edit categories and update.

Do the merchants have the option to create their own categories or are they bound to use only the category choices given by neomart?

  • As of now the categories given in neomart are their only choice.

Can merchants know their products / service inventory anytime?

  • Yes, they can. They can keep a stock of their products on neomart. In the link for Store Inventory under Product Listing, all details can be checked.

Can merchants keep a track of pending orders?

  • The details can be found among the stats given under ‘My Store’.

Will the completed orders be displayed?

  • Yes. Under the ‘My Store’ link.

Does neomart alert the merchants on depleting stock?

  • Yes, we do. In ‘My Store’, the stats are displayed on the top of the page.

Are the cancelled orders displayed?

  • Yes, the merchants get the details on the top of the page – My Store.

If the customers return some items, will the merchant get to know?

  • Yes. On the top of the page – My Store – are displayed the stats.

Where are the orders placed with the merchants displayed?

  • Orders placed by customers with merchants are displayed at the bottom of the page.

Where are the numbers of customers who buy from a merchant displayed?

  • At the bottom of the page – My Store. Under the section ‘Total Customers’.

Is the revenue earned by merchants visible on their page?

  • Yes, in the ‘Total Revenue’ section.

Can the merchants have a month on month comparison of the business? Can the record be printed?

  • Yes. It is displayed under ‘Store Performance’ on the top. The details can be printed too by clicking on the icon on the right top corner.

How can merchants know the total sale done in a month? Can the details be printed?

  • They need to click on ‘My Store Performance’ under ‘My Store’. They then need to choose the time duration for which the date is required. The details can be printed as well.

Is it possible for merchants to know the best performing products? Can the details be printed?

  • Yes, they can. Under ‘Store Performance’ in ‘My Store’, the product stats are available. They can choose the time duration for the details required. And, they can be printed as well.

Can the merchants keep a track of the flow of customers?

  • Yes. In the Product Performance link on ‘My Store’.

How can the merchant profiles be edited?

  • Settings at the bottom of the page, there is a link ‘Profile’. Merchants can make the needed changes there.

How can a merchant log out of neomart?

  • At the bottom of the page is ‘Settings’. Therein is the button to log out.

Does any financial transaction take place on the neomart application?

  • The financial transactions are directly between the merchant and the consumer. neomart has no role to play here.

Can the merchants showcase time-specific offers / discounts?

  • Yes, they can. We welcome them to showcase all such orders any time of their subscription.

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