Easy Access to your Favourite Stores

Mark your favourite stores on NeoMart. Know the best deals, product details and other details about the stores.

Local Offers, Discounts and Promotions

Remain updated on offers & discounts by your local stores.

Select Delivery Time or Store Pick Up

Convenient shopping at your fingertips.

Chat & Calling feature with each order

Stay connected with your Seller and be updated about your each order.

Shop with different stores simultaneously

Enables you to compare prices, range and availability among stores so that you can zero down on the best price and the best store.

Complete Market categorized

Get data and information on all retail outlets in your chosen markets, with complete categories and subcategories and stock availability.

Easy Search & Filter Options

Save time and get exactly what you want, at click of your finger tips.



All in one NeoMart Consumer App has everything - Grocery, Salons, Medicines, Apparel. No need for different apps. Buy everything on NeoMart. Convenience at its best.


Be aware and get regular notifications about new product releases, offers and discounts and much more from your nearest / favourite market.


You know where your product is coming from, and who to connect if there is any problem with your product. It's your relation between you and your shopkeeper.


You are familiar with the store that you are shopping with, regardless to say it brings physical proximity to a digital level, thus ensuring customer satisfaction.

Fast & Responsive

Don't wait for delivery schedules for the next day, if you want to buy something now. With NeoMart you have the freedom to choose, compare & order from your nearest store and they will deliver it to you in the shortest delivery timespan.


Browse the market and stores and order from the click of a button instead of physically going there and dealing with the headache of parking or traffic or other challenges.

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